sketch up designer / photoshop designer

SketchUp designer / photoshop designer Required

Contract Role. UK only.

Currently due to ongoing client increase of work
Nonfacture is in need of an extra pair of hands…
Nonfacture requires a Sketch up, Photoshop designer/creative/artworker fluent, who can work on primary OCR /HORECA coffee beverage products and interior retail coffee beverage interior branding locations to provide creative solutions at a visual level.
Creative role delivering various products to final high polished detail for industry release and media.
Candidate needs to be mac based and willing to work fluidly and logically, happy to engage and manage the project.
the project is contract work will set project structure
Graduates welcome to apply.
For further information about this current contract design position
please contact Stuart;
No recruitment agency, please. 
find us at: 212. zellig. custard factory. birmingham. west midlands. b9 4at
tel. 0121 794 0245 | email. | tw. nonfacture | pt. nonfacture

Closing Dates

Christmas Studio Break

With the slow wind down for Christmas begins and another year finishes, where has the year gone … flown by … long lazy summer and then at a blink of an eye it’s Christmas. A much needed break is needed, this years been busy the studio moved to new location Digbeth at the old The Devonshire Works now the  Zellig building, our new property CGI and 3D Architectural Visualisations arm of the company was launched driving property CGI and Workspace branding, Glass Manifestations. So all in all a busy year.

Christmas Studio Dates:

Nonfacture closes on 23 December 2016 and reopens 3rd January 2017.

Hope you have a festive break and thanks again for 2016.


Nonfacture Design

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Nonfacture Birmingham  Graphic Design Studio. 
212. zellig. custard factory. birmingham. west midlands. b9 4at


Moving Brands Forward ..well Zig Zag too

With the meet and greets over over the coffees, early morning breakfast visual concepts and brand development structure Nonfacture Birmingham, Custard Factory design studio have been appointed the brand development and marketing design studio Reading based moving walls and acoustic absorber workspace branding and fit out company.

From the latest in glass partition walling to work pods designed for offices using acoustically-efficient, lightweight structures for open spaces. Nonfacture will defining the brand online media with creative acoustic educational CGI’s and the understanding of reverb effects to providing full client creative fit out design solution services to capture a complete service from creative to install from stretched fabric walling and glass manifestation graphics using the latest in optical clear window graphics moving the brand forward with a defined brand vision towards clients in Birmingham, London Leeds and Manchester.

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Nonfacture Birmingham  Graphic Design Studio. 
Studio 520  Greenhouse Custard Factory  Birmingham B9 4AA



Nation’s Favourite Ad

It’s 60th anniversary of the TV ad break this year and how they moved forward.

From visual effects to simple user interaction and effective clever reminders. From Tango adverts which created school yard issues and the start of Christmas because of the John Lewis advert. TV advert still is something we remember more than the programme and it shows, with the public’s top 15 of adverts some are years old still before the internet arrived on your doorsteps in full force and bromide’s and cromalin’s proofs was still used in design industry.

Public top 15

  • Cadbury Gorilla 19%
  • Compare the Market 16%
  • Martians 11%
  • Hamlet cigars 7%
  • Yellow Pages (JR Hartley) 7%
  • Coca-Cola (I’d like to teach the world to sing) 7%
  • Budweiser 5%
  • Guinness 5%
  • John Lewis (Always a woman) 5%
  • Levi (Laundrette) 4%
  • R Whites Lemonade 4%
  • Honda (Cog) 4%
  • Sony Bravia (Balls) 3%
  • The Guardian (Points of View) 2%
  • Blackcurrant Tango 1%

(1002 respondents via TNS OnLineBus excluding don’t knows and other ads)

Data: campaign

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Nonfacture Birmingham  Graphic Design Studio. 
Studio 520  Greenhouse Custard Factory  Birmingham B9 4AA

Catalogue Design Season Is Upon Us

Catalogue design Season Starts

Well It’s not the Glorious Twelfth but the season for the Catalogue Design  is here for sure and print isnt dead for the trusty catalogue, by far from it, the printed catalogue is still loved and yes it’s moved on interactive and online connection of the catalogue but still you cant beat a hands on 200 page PUR Bound well design catalogue.

We love the smell of printed catalogue in the morning…

Ok not that far, but really the catalogue matters and defined structure product catalogues matter and time and understand should be applied, with good artwork and studio time matters more than the design in some cases.

Nonfacture artwork studio offers more, providing the dedicated out sourcing design service when it matters as a 24 hour artwork and production studio of Birmingham, understanding the issues of Catalogue Design can be issue to in house design teams due to workflow or time.

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Nonfacture Birmingham  Graphic Design Studio. 
Studio 520  Greenhouse Custard Factory  Birmingham B9 4AA

New Zealand Earthmoving

New Zealand earthmoving machinery company appoints Nonfacture as lead Brand & Marketing Design Studio

Following various defined meetings and concept structure of the brand development Nonfacture have been appointed the brand development and marketing design studio for one of the leading earthmoving machinery companies of New Zealand. With the market place at an interesting time with the region of New Zealand and Australia earthmoving machinery bringing the brand forward is key with a defined brand vision.

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Nonfacture Birmingham  Graphic Design Studio. 
Studio 520  Greenhouse Custard Factory  Birmingham B9 4AA


Creative design and marketing studio Birmingham, West Midlands

Birmingham, Manchester London… Glass Graphics Manifestations Matter

For Nonfacture workplace branding design studio managers a surge of interest in communicating brand values to the people who work for an organisation has made it even more important for them to create spaces that closely reflect and communicate key brand values.

Workspace Branding… Brand managers and estate managers can’t avoid and sit back and realy on simple front of house graphics and signage to communicate there brand to visitors, customers or suppliers, buildings must have brand continuity and coherence of there brand and values from the moment you walk in to staircase level communication signage.

Companies sometimes forgot the opportunities of workspace branding as they do creating acoustically ideal spaces.. amazing office build and location… but sadly glass partition walling covered in frosted vinyl or just DDA circle and its hard to work in because its noisy, until the end of workspace brand projects or unaware of the impact and positives of workspace branding and the position of any brand can take.

Lack of foresight maybe? or budgets is no excuse in this day of medias and visions which brand development from a small SME company to global brands can achieve as any office fitout or workspace company will tell you.

Nonfacture workplace branding design studio designs and creates Glass Graphics & Manifestation Graphics

Glass Graphics & Manifestation Graphics Nonfacture Birmingham

Glass Graphics & Manifestation Graphics


For More information about now Nonfacture Birmingham can help you define, create your glass graphics and glass manifestations please contact us