It’s 60th anniversary of the TV ad break this year and how they moved forward.

From visual effects to simple user interaction and effective clever reminders. From Tango adverts which created school yard issues and the start of Christmas because of the John Lewis advert. TV advert still is something we remember more than the programme and it shows, with the public’s top 15 of adverts some are years old still before the internet arrived on your doorsteps in full force and bromide’s and cromalin’s proofs was still used in design industry.

Public top 15

  • Cadbury Gorilla 19%
  • Compare the Market 16%
  • Martians 11%
  • Hamlet cigars 7%
  • Yellow Pages (JR Hartley) 7%
  • Coca-Cola (I’d like to teach the world to sing) 7%
  • Budweiser 5%
  • Guinness 5%
  • John Lewis (Always a woman) 5%
  • Levi (Laundrette) 4%
  • R Whites Lemonade 4%
  • Honda (Cog) 4%
  • Sony Bravia (Balls) 3%
  • The Guardian (Points of View) 2%
  • Blackcurrant Tango 1%

(1002 respondents via TNS OnLineBus excluding don’t knows and other ads)

Data: campaign

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Delivering any guerilla marketing  can be taken so many ways but from DHL on its competition
is one of the best.

DHL posted huge packages via its competitors, which were wrapped in a temperature sensitive coating, which when cooled below freezing, went black, so that wen they were picked up it was purely a back box to deliver!

However, once they started to warm up, they turned bright yellow, with the phrase… ‘DHL is Faster’ as the competitor courier companies wheeled them around the city! We Love it.