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From the 26th of October, the studio will be located at a new studio, please refresh and update your information with our new address. Nonfacture telephone numbers and email addresses remain the same.

New Address

B9 4AA

New Zealand earthmoving machinery company appoints Nonfacture as lead Brand & Marketing Design Studio

Following various defined meetings and concept structure of the brand development Nonfacture have been appointed the brand development and marketing design studio for one of the leading earthmoving machinery companies of New Zealand. With the market place at an interesting time with the region of New Zealand and Australia earthmoving machinery bringing the brand forward is key with a defined brand vision.
Graduates welcome to apply.
For further information about this current contract design position
please contact Stuart;
No recruitment agency, please.

For Nonfacture workplace branding design studio managers a surge of interest in communicating brand values to the people who work for an organisation has made it even more important for them to create spaces that closely reflect and communicate key brand values.

Workspace Branding… Brand managers and estate managers can’t avoid and sit back and realy on simple front of house graphics and signage to communicate there brand to visitors, customers or suppliers, buildings must have brand continuity and coherence of there brand and values from the moment you walk in to staircase level communication signage.

Companies sometimes forgot the opportunities of workspace branding as they do creating acoustically ideal spaces.. amazing office build and location… but sadly glass partition walling covered in frosted vinyl or just DDA circle and its hard to work in because its noisy, until the end of workspace brand projects or unaware of the impact and positives of workspace branding and the position of any brand can take.

Lack of foresight maybe? or budgets is no excuse in this day of medias and visions which brand development from a small SME company to global brands can achieve as any office fitout or workspace company will tell you.

Nonfacture workplace branding design studio designs and creates Glass Graphics & Manifestation Graphics

Glass Graphics & Manifestation Graphics Nonfacture Birmingham

Glass Graphics & Manifestation Graphics


For More information about now Nonfacture Birmingham can help you define, create your glass graphics and glass manifestations please contact us


Graduates welcome to apply.
For further information about this current contract design position
please contact Stuart;
No recruitment agency, please.

Another high street food chain packed for Nonfacture Birmingham for filling and lashing of toppings

With an interesting start to the year, Nonfacture Birmingham been appointed the creative brand and artwork production studio of the development of new brand of high street food franchise chain.

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Nonfacture Birmingham Design Studio. 
Studio 520  Greenhouse Custard Factory  Birmingham B9 4AA

Birmingham Retail Online

With Birmingham’s retail world in full swing Nonfacture are over the moon that Utopia, clothing retail of men and women Japanese, Australian have appointed Nonfacture to create there international online sales website.

Utopia based in the heart of Birmingham’s stocking

Perks and Mini / P.A.M , Ice Cold NY, Bag’n’Noun, Dr Martens and more.

Augmented Reality

At last… We found some to managed Nonfacture Augmented Reality media clients. With the move all finished to the Custard Factory, Birmingham  Our new Augmented Reality artist will be working to develop various media campaigns working on our bespoke Printed Fabric Stage backdrops media to unique 64 sheet billboard campaigns… to anything else


Nonfacture design studio has relocation to Custard factory Birmingham  back in the heart of Birmingham city centre.. It’s been a few years of waiting for a office to find a place we are all  happy with … Don’t ask .. But at last we all happy to be at the Custard Factory …

Boxes and boxes to unpack but who cares … no time get the macs working and easy to move with Custard Factory  help…

Custard Factory Birmingham

Custard Factory Birmingham

Big Thanks to   siddalljones  at The Big Peg Hockley, Ed a cracking Property Agent of Birmingham, Sorry Ed