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In the world of digital print, still nothing beats traditional letterpress printed business card or a unique event printed invite. Nonfacture loves it. Primary our preferred projects working are small bespoke Hot foil printing and letterpress print or combine letterpress and hot foil techniques to create a defining tactile price of print.

Nonfacture provides a range of letterpress business card & stationery design and printing service. So many options of foils from Foilco and papers from Antalis and G.F Smith

letterpress paper


GF Smith’s flagship paper range, which comes in a massive range of colours and  shades. With uncoated feel and a smooth surface, this card is an ideal letterpress and foil presses.


With a rich colour palette range bulky and rigid Keaykolour offers choices to cover all needs making it the perfect paper for debossing, embossing & foils. We love it so much it’s nonfacture’s brand paper.

letterpress finishing

Hot Foil Blocking

Coloured or styled hot foil’s are applied from the die creating a natural soft debossed with the foil finish.


Letterpress is inked printing plate is made of the design, 1 for each colour and stamped against the card material, to leave a printed impression.


Embossing applies the plate allowing and creating a raised impression and can be applied with hot foil and digital/litho print.

Gilding / Wet Edged

Edges … either foil or inked edges of the sides looks amazing and a striking finish on any card.


Debossing applies the plate allowing and creating a submerge impression.

Duplex / Triplex

Double or triple the thickness mounting two or three stock colours of your choice.

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