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What a difference a year makes

It’s fascinating how things have changed a lot in a year. The pandemic in 2020 has brought the world to a global lockdown and changed the way we interact with people and do business. Since the lockdown started in the UK last year, people are relying more on online platforms and applications, as it is a lot safer than going outside. This has made e-commerce and customer services much more important to companies. If you want people to buy from you, they need to be able to contact you online for this business transaction to happen. Setting up a business website or business app is now considered necessary for any company.

It is also important to remember that customers are now more informed than ever before, which makes it harder for marketers to get their message across. The customer’s experience and journey are even more important, so any brand marketing message requires definition thus not out on business or brand position.

The Shift in Marketing & Media Activities

As a result of the lockdown and reliance on online platforms and applications, there is a complete change in the business world, as social media is now one of the key players when it comes to advertising and marketing. The way marketing and media are consumed has changed non the least. A year ago there were less reliant on social media activities to approach a client or consumers, but now it seems so many publications and agencies have embraced non-traditional media to reach a wider target group. Instagram Reels and Tik Tok videos are amongst the non-traditional media channels that have become important for a lot of companies.

The traditional media have also changed a lot. In the UK, some of the popular tabloids have already embraced online media by creating their digital editions. These are great to see, as this is something that has been expected for a while now. The main change in the traditional media landscape is how they are using social media platforms to promote their content. Many newspapers are also having an uptick in social media engagement these days.

Social media usage amongst people is now not only limited to teenagers but also adults who use it daily as a form of entertainment and to stay updated with news, and by companies who use it as a marketing channel.  As a result, marketing budgets seem to have been reallocated from traditional media to online activities. This has led to a rise in marketing activity and budgets because it has changed people’s shopping habits and online customer behaviors, but let’s not forget paper and printed media are not dead.

The main challenges for companies now are working out which channels their target audience is on so they can find them, especially if you are looking at demographics outside of your traditional marketing groups. At the moment it seems like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram are the most viable platforms for this.

Another reason why a lot of companies have started to use social media marketing is that they’re struggling with how to approach their target group. Sharing short stories on social media is one way to get your message across in an entertaining manner, which will ultimately help you gain positive exposure. But, only if the story you’re sharing is good enough to be shared by others.

With all of this in mind, it is important to know where your customers are. With the increase in online shopping and customer service interactions, you can find information about almost any type of person through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you want to reach a younger demographic for example, then think about using platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

The same goes for advertisers and marketers, as these social media marketing platforms can be great to connect with your target group. These days it is very important to know where your customers are and what they’re doing. It’s about finding the right platforms for you and also engaging with them on a personal level, as this is now required by many businesses.

The use of online platforms has changed, how brand marketing messages are being communicated to the public, as it sparks more conversation between people, companies, and design studios. The main thing you have to consider is that not everyone who interacts with your messages will be genuine or looking for a purchase, so you need to find ways around this by knowing what’s happening on these platforms and how you can integrate your brand message across using video, interactive media onto social platforms.


The Future of Marketing & Medias

As the lockdown continues, people will rely more on online platforms and applications to interact with their friends, family and business partners. This will lead to an increase in marketing activity because companies need to get their message across more than ever before. It is also interesting how social media activities are becoming prevalent amongst all age groups and how traditional media companies are embracing digital marketing. This is because of how reliant we have become on online platforms and applications to get our news, communicate with each other and discover the latest trends.

To ensure the success of your marketing efforts in this

With the shift of consumer behavior, brand and brand consistency is key, with a consistent customer logic that doesn’t lead to a logical contradiction. Even more pre-planning is vital when defining market touchpoints marketing material.  With how dependent consumers are on media, online channels, it is also vital that brands have pages on the most popular platforms like Twitter and Instagram for instance. This will help you to engage with your customers and establish a dialogue.

The most important thing is that marketing campaigns themselves now focus more on storytelling. So, consider the fact that many of those platforms and touchpoints are now essential for companies because they can allow them to connect with their target group and tell their story more easily.

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