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Credit U

Credit U, people
High Street Finance Branding.

Ethical, responsible and alternative to finance consumer lending


Full brand strategy & studio services
Art direction
OOH advertising
Online advertising
Content & photography
Website design & development


Working alongside the Credit Union and stakeholders with the research support by Coventry University define an alternative approach to payday loans and borrowing money from their local Credit Union.

Providing an ethical alternative to lending, with key services of savings and loans. Launched before the worries of Christmas borrowing, with a ‘Cool Responsible Reindeer’ and “say baubles” national media campaign. Credit U was branded and defined to offer a safer option within the payday loans industry with very low affordable interest rates, while educating users of borrowing beyond their means. Primary OOH (out of home) media campaigns with digital outdoor with various viral media tools to reduce borrowing and improve saving with the Citizen Advice Bureau support.

other work.
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