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Red Kremka

Beverage Branding.

Alcohol aficionados arise to a homegrown vodka embodying freshness and purity. 


brand strategy.
brand management.
art direction.
media buying.
content & photography.
OOH outdoor.
studio services.
packaging design.
website design & development.

Food & beverage

With Vodka and the UK beverage market flooded with brands, seconds are everything on an aisle. Nonfacture designed, crafted and defined a new 100% imported Russian Vodka for the high street marketplace. From beverage brand origination, brand workshops created a clean brand design structure with multiple rollouts and touchpoints, packaging design, POS and dedicated photography.

vodka red letterpress branding packaging nonfacture design
metal printed tin, vodka brand guidelines tin case box, red lid box
sliver mira red letterpress deboss beverage packaging design, Vodka bottle packaging, nonfacture design
vodka glass branding bar photography nonfacture design
vodka branding bar photography nonfacture design
vodka branding glassware photography nonfacture design
other work.
City Center, Tourism
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